January 7, 2017

Rain is good weather for watercolor painters, that moisture in the air gives us more time to develop what is happening on the surface of our painting. So, for the next two days I should be able to have a lot of fun seeing what develops!img_1718

Sarah the Watercolor Artist 2017 Blog

My goal for the year is to overcome the fear I sometimes feel when doing a watercolor painting. The start of a work is always full of hope and vision, and somewhere along the way, the paint takes on a life of its own and I feel a little bit scared of the direction it is going. My goal is to embrace the unexpected delights and directions that watercolor naturally presents to the artist. This blog will serve as a place to document insights I gain this year into the creative process. I am also setting aside every Monday as an “Artists Date”, a day to watercolor and have fun, a day that is always reserved for painting.

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May 16, 2018

The Columbine watercolor is complete. I tried doing a vignette for the first time where you have the composition touch three sides of the piece, don’t have a definite border, and incorporate the beauty of the paper. The center of focus is off-center and the composition reads left to right, up and down, and connects on three sides.