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Clematis – Day 8 of #WorldWatercolorMonth

This morning my clematis bloomed and it was just to beautiful to not paint! IMG_3467

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg – Day 6 of the #WaterColorMonth2018 Challenge

Okay, I admit it, I went and found an unfinished painting and added the foreground to be able to finish another painting for day 6. I played around in the foreground with Daniel Smith’s Metallic Watercolor¬† in Pale gold to create the effect of sparking glass on the beach.


Strawberry Guava – Day 5 of #WaterColorMonth2018 Challenge

This work has a light gray wash background to set off the delicate branch and blossoms of the Strawberry Guava plant.IMG_3457

July 4, 2018 Day 4 of #WaterColorMonth Challenge- Hibiscus


Epic fail on trying to paint a hibiscus today. All was well until I added the background. I can see that part of the challenge is that you have to finish each day, even when you are tired and don’t want to keep going. All I can say is that I can revisit this later and maybe do something with it!

Pink Magnolia Tree Blossom -2 – July 3, 2018

Day Three of #WaterColorMonth challenge! The Ukiah Courthouse magnolia tree welcomes spring every year! What would you like to see me paint on the Fourth of July?


Peach Trumpet Vine – July 2

I am taking the #WaterColorMonth challenge and will try to post a watercolor everyday! Here is day 2. May try to add a background later.


Pink Cactus Blossom

June 16 Cactus Blossoms always are a surprise to find in arid conditions, they pop out after a sudden shower and last for a day in sunny glory.


IMG_3423 (2)