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Mondavi Multicolor on a Spring Day

This latest watercolor painting is 22 x 30 inches. I went a bit bolder in color of the winery building itself and like how it makes it seem more alive.IMG_4214


Robert Mondavi Winery on a Spring Day

This new painting uses a new color, Goethite, by Daniel Smith which granulates and created some nice textures on the surface of Mondavi Winery Building. There are lots of positive and negative shapes in this subject with light giving it further interest and movement.IMG_4209


Anderson Valley Barn


Follow the Distant Deep Fog

This is the view from the front deck of our house in Ukiah looking south towards Hopland on a foggy morning. The fog forms over the Russian River and as the morning warms up it lifts up and down in beautiful patterns.IMG_3905

Central Park Mallard

Two things happened; my friend Laura Holmes Peters sent me photos from New York of this Mallard, and an Asian Mallard Duck became an internet sensation. Those two things made me interested in painting a bird for the first time. It seems the spirit of this Asian Mallard strikes something in the human heart. Check out his real photo at


Happy Thanksgiving

I am working on orchids and am learning new techniques from Birgit O’Connor in her online course like doing big washes in the background of this painting. It is the negative painting of the background that makes the flower petals take the central interest.



Bartlett Pear

It’s been a long time since I posted. First the Mendocino Complex Fire in July came within 4 miles of our house. We have a great view of the fire line and smoke because we live on a ridge, so that was very distracting! We had to pack up in case of evacuation, which didn’t happen, but it took time to pack and then unpack.  I had a minor surgery in late July. Then I go pneumonia in October and was in the hospital for 4 days. I am finally getting it together to do some painting. I took a picture of the pears in the orchard off Talmage Road here in Ukiah in August (when they were harvesting) and here is the result!